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We'll profitably increase revenue by 30%,
in 30 days or less.

Sounds too good to be true? Not even close!

We've made it extremely easy for you to tap into hidden revenue in your brand with our proprietary email systems and result based team, so you can generate sales even when you sleep!

Let the results speak for themselves...

When Jacob came to us with his private label brand, he already had a great product that was attracting a lot of attention. The issue was is he wasn’t very profitable and needed a way he could predictably increase conversation while also turning one time purchasers into repeat buyers.

The Process

Jacob approached Settler Systems in Q4 of 2020 to engage our team. We dialed in the brands messaging, setup both custom automations and brand calendar strategies, increasing average weekly email percentage from 2% to 25% in the matter of weeks.

Email Revenue Generated Over 90 Days

They currently sit at a $12,000,000 ARR, with 25% of their revenue coming from directly from email. Jacob says “I don't usually do testimonials, but for this I had to" -- Check out his testimonial below!

Private Label Brand

Niche: Health

Result: $0 to $243k from email in 90 days.

Founder: Jacob Thoen
Dominic came to us with one goal in mind, to increase his profit. He already had a community that was strong and traffic coming in. The issue he was presented with was turning more of his traffic into cash.

The Process

The first step for us was to create a UGC (User Generated Content) Machine. This allows us to create a consistent flow of content coming directly from the customers that love us the most. Once we had this content we used this in our messaging across his flows and campaigns, increasing credibility and conversions. With these strategies implemented the brands revenue from email increased from 10% to 38% in less than 30 days.

Percentage of Revenue From Email in 30 Days

Currently the brand is sitting at 38% of their overall revenue coming from emails - Dominic says “"Completely doubled our revenue to closer to 50% revenue from email"


Niche: Clothing and Accessories

Result: 10% Revenue From Email to 38% in 30 days.

Founder: Dominic Morace

Get 27% of Abandoned Checkouts Recovered in Days

Within 72 hours of working with us we’ll integrate our lethal automations that have gone through hundreds of intensive split tests and rigorous optimization to convert abandoned checkouts with deadly accuracy.

You’ll have our exact plug and play system to slice through the noise in your marketplace and convert more traffic - all without having to lift a finger.

Get ready for your emails to begin to convert like this!
Forget the "gurus" - We practice what we preach!

Leverage Your Current Traffic To Create a Hyper-Scalable System That Generates 200% ROI in 3 Weeks or Less

When we use our proven copywriting and email marketing systems across your store - instead of crickets and zero purchases, your customers will compliment you on your brand's style. Because the foundation of our strategies are in value-based messaging, we make sure you make a strong impression from first contact to repeat purchases. 

Create a Content Machine that consistently increases repeat customers by 10%

Turning a customer who’s never heard of your brand into a raving fan requires a massive amount of time and energy. The biggest issue we see is most brands put this time and energy in themselves - ouch. We will implement our “UGC Machine” that has produced millions of dollars for our clients and help you integrate it into your brand's messaging easily. This keeps your brand top of the mind, increases status, and allows your messaging to cut through the noise.

Don’t have the assets or content in place for this? Not a problem, this machine will leverage your audience's excitement about your products to create unique and genuine content consistently. 

Over $185k generated from email alone in a 30 day period.

Introducing The Settler Email System

Here's How It Works


The First Step

Find Leaks in Your Funnel

Once you've been onboarded, you'll get your own dedicated account manager to work with. Immediately we get to work, finding leaks in your funnel where we can convert more of your traffic to customers or finding missed opportunities with current customers. 


The Second Step

Our Team Gets To Work 

We'll take care of all the ground work from developing high converting automations to sending effective email promotions. We use our proven strategies to convert clients time and time again. We're constantly fine tuning our messaging to your audience - ensuring that each promotion is effective.

The Final Step

Scale and Automate Your Email Management

Once our system is integrated into your business, we do everything to make sure your emails make as many sales as possible - all on autopilot. It's our job to make you as much profit as we can and as your business scales, we'll continue to find new ways to optimize profit from your traffic. 

Do Our Clients Get Results?

We'll let them speak for themselves.

4.8 Average Review

Dom was sitting at 20% revenue with email, he brought us on and now has "Completely doubled to closer to 50% revenue from email" in the matter of a few months.
When Erin was running her email and SMS, she had increased her revenue by only about 4%. Since then, Erin's revenue has increased by 40% in just a few months!
"When we first started with Settler, we had no flows and they came up with so many innovative flows that really increased our revenue."
"When we started with Settler our revenue was at 17%, within two months of working with Settler our revenue is already at 35%!"
Jake has made an additional 20% to his store that is already generating $15k/day. Watch to see why he says "I don't usually do testimonials, but for this I had to"
"Settler Systems was responsible for 30% of our revenue from email in 30 days . . . They actually did better than I expected."

Frequently Asked Questions

 But isn't email dead?
Absolutely Not! Email is 6x more likely to get a click through than a tweet when shown to the same amount of people. Email marketing is an industry that grows year over year
How long will it take to start making profit?
Once we've determined we're a good fit to work together, our systems will be implemented and deployed within 7 days, which is when you can begin to start seeing profits. 
What will be my responsibilities?
From the second you start working with us, we will take care of the email marketing from A-Z. You will be responsible for providing assets (Photos) and approving promotional offers sent to your lists.
 How much control will I have over what is sent out?
For all critical aspects of your email marketing you will have an experienced and very competent team assigned to you. Our team is striving for your best possible outcome so if you're brand new, leave it up to us. 
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