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Want To Start Your First Profitable Shopify Store Without Having To Do it Alone?
Sound too good to be true? Not even close. We've made it easy for anyone, beginner or expert, to be handed their very own fully-customized e-commerce business that makes sales for you even while they sleep. Keep reading and discover all the details you need to know for signing up to our life changing program.
Why Are So Many People Growing Their Business Online While You’re Still Trying To Figure It All Out?
It’s because those that win all had skilled partners. This is the only partner program on the market that handles everything for you from A-Z. From finding your winning product, building your store to managing your ads and everything in between -- we handle everything so you can learn from experience, grow your business and break into this exciting industry already winning.
Here's How The Partner Program Works


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The First Step

Once you’ve finished checkout, you’ll get your own dedicated account manager and media buyer to work with. Your account manager will walk you through setting up your payment providers, ad accounts and more. Ever have a question about the process? Reach out to your manager on your dedicated skype chat. We’re here for you every step of the way.


Our Team Gets To Work

The Second Step

Once your info and store are finalized, we’ll take care of all the ground work from building your store to writing the product descriptions and everything in between for customers on the Pro Plus plan. For those on the Pro plan, you'll be building your store yourself with our step-by-step course that shows you how you build out everything yourself in no time. We use our proven strategies to find 6 potential winning products a month that we scale for you. If the products we choose don’t work, we cut it short and move on to the next one - ensuring that every penny of your ad dollars are spent intelligently.


Scale Your Winners + Maintain Your Store

The Final Step

When we find a winner, we do everything to make sure you make as many sales as possible. Remember, since this is a profit share, it’s our job to make you as much profit as we can - and it’s your job to send out orders and keep your new customers happy. As your product scales, we’ll get you connected with our private fulfillment agent that gets you better prices and better shipping time - always keeping yourself one step ahead of your competition.

Do Our Clients Get Results?

We'll let them speak for themselves.
4.8 Average Review
Eddy went from making $350/week to 4x that in a single day. Now he's averaging profits of $1,000 a DAY. Watch to see why he says "I went from zero to hero"
Xamse made over 11k in a month with our proven strategies. Watch to see why he says "If you're really serious about this business you should check it out and give it a chance"
Tommy tried to build multiple stores in the past with no success. When he started working with us he saw results on his first day advertising. Watch the video above to see why he can "finally wake up in peace everyday doing what I love"
David started his store on a Monday and by Sunday he hit his first $200 day. Watch to see why he calls us "the best idea he's ever had"
Santiago had no clue who we were and was anxious to spend money but he trusted his friend who trusted us and took a leap of faith. Watch to see why he calls us "actually beautiful"
Matt was on the fence until he took the leap and jumped in. Within the time he joined he found his winning product. Watch to see why he's had "nothing but a great experience"
"I hit my first 2k+/day yesterday. Since working with Johnathon I broke $200, $500, and $1,000 - in a month.. All of which are "records" for me. Thank you both so much for your support - I am thinking back to my excitement for the first $200 day and now I'm 10x that!! I only want to say. Trust the process guys! Patience is the key."
"Last month was my first month, We did $5k in Gross Sales, so far this month... About 12 days in, we've done $8k in sales... That is crazy"
Here's What You Get When You Sign Up 
Battle Tested Strategies I Use Myself Every Day
I’ve grown my stores to 6 figures time and time again, not because I know what to do right but because I know what NOT to do. When you sign up you get my own hard-earned expertise that I still use myself to build successful stores consistently and with predictable reliability.
6 Hand Selected Products Personally Chosen By Johnathon
I’ve trained my staff personally to search for hundreds of winning products every week. Before we recommend them to you, they go through a rigorous filter to make sure they have the highest chance of becoming a winner that will scale your profits.
Custom Built Store Ready To Make Sales Even In Your Sleep
Moving people through your store from your homepage to your order form is an art and science that we’ve boiled down to a simple and duplicatable process. Let us keep a watchful eye on your account and make the correct optimizations.
Scroll Stopping Video Ads Designed To Make People Click
Video ads are the lifeblood of any eCommerce business, so we never sacrifice on quality. Our video editor works every day to get new video ads and split tests into your ad account so you never have to worry about boring metrics or tedious optimizations.
Skill Crafted Sales Copy That Turns Visitors Into Rabid Buyers
Without great copy, your customers will never be compelled to buy. That's why we keep our copywriters trained with the latest and greatest strategies to make sure that our words convert as many visitors into buyers as we possibly can.
Excel Sheets Made to Calculate Your Profit/Loss Every Day
You can’t grow what you don't measure. Instead of guessing your costs, profits or ad spend you get access to our private in-house excel sheets that calculate every number for you so you know exactly how much you’re growing.
So Now You've Got Two Options...
Option 1: Settler Systems Pro
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On the next page you’ll find the order form where you can provide your first payment and hit the ground running. Once you fill out this form and we’ve verified your payment, within 24 hours you’ll be officially entered in the program!
  • Get Access To Your Members Area
Your account manager will reach out to you via Skype to give you instructions on how to get access your training in the members area for building your site and getting your store up and running. Even though you'll be building your assets yourself, you'll have our help at every turn.
  • Start Making Sales With Your New Account
Once your store is built, ad videos are done and copy is written, we’ll start selling! Our professionally trained media buyers will start driving traffic to your store and finding your winner. Remember to set aside an additional $50 per product test. 
$797/month + 30% Profit Share
For Early Entrepreneurs 
Option 2: Settler Systems Pro Plus
  • Press The Button Below To Start
On the next page you’ll find the order form where you can provide your first payment and hit the ground running. Once you fill out this form and we’ve verified your payment, within 24 hours you’ll be officially entered in the program!
  • Connect on Skype With Your Account Manager
Your account manager will reach out to you via Skype to give you instructions on how to start the onboarding process. You’ll also receive access to the members area where we have video lessons that walk you through getting your accounts set up and running smoothly.
  • Start Making Sales With Your New Account
Once our team has your store is built, ad videos done and copy written, we’ll start selling! Our professionally trained media buyers will start driving traffic to your store and finding your winner. Remember to set aside an additional $50 per product test.
$1,497/month + 30% Profit Share
For Passive Investors

Frequently Asked Questions

If the price increases, will I have to pay the prince increase?
Never! Once you have your price locked in, you're locked in for as long as you're a client.
Why do you do this for people when you can do it yourself and make 100% profits?
We get a lot of people following us and asking us for help. We don’t believe all that much in courses or mentorship because, honestly, they cease to work. Inside Settlers Systems, not only do you get to watch dropshipping done the right way in front of you but also learn and replicate our success while also making 70% net profits.
Who owns the store?
You are the only owner of the business, all we do is manage it for you. The store will be in your name, the ad account used will be yours and the payment gateways are yours as well so you receive all the revenue that your business makes. At the end of every month you wire us our 30% profit. Simple.
What if my Facebook Ad Account / Business Manager gets flagged?! I'm not very experienced in E-Commerce, can I expect you to help me with issues I don't know how to deal with?
No problem! For any kind of issue you might face while you're a client, our team is always ready to assist you. There isn't any issue we haven't found a solution to.
How much is each product test?
Approximately $50! The only reason we'll go above that is if we think that you're getting great results. We'll only ever make changes that benefit you.
How quick do you scale when you find a winner?
Our scaling is strategy is by far the smoothest compared any other system on the market. We scale products slowly but surely so you never worry about cash flow and we are profitable as much as possible.
How long will it take to find a winning product?
Finding a winning product is the hardest phase in the whole process and it varies from client to client. Some clients find it within weeks, others find it within months, some days. The common factor among all of them is simple: none of them gave up looking.
What will be my responsibilities?
From the second you start working with us, we will take care of the hardest and most critical aspects of your eCommerce business. You will be responsible for fulfillment of the orders, making sure that you keep in touch with your Media Buyers and update your P/L sheets, as well as taking care of your customers.
How much control will I have over product selection, changes on my shopify store or my ads?
For all critical aspects of your eCommerce business you will have an experienced and very competent team assigned to you who exactly know what decisions are best for building a successful store. Our team is striving for your best possible outcome so if you're brand new, leave it up to us. 
Why should I pick you guys instead of your competitors?
It's simple - we are reinventing how entrepreneurs, like yourself, are able to create impact in their communities and reach financial independence, by providing innovative solutions needed to help you and your brand succeed online - and there's nobody better than us. Our results speak for themselves.