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Meet Johnathon Zamora:

Johnathon has cultivated an entrepreneurial lifestyle and mindset from a very early age. His willingness to connect with peers and figure heads of industries has allowed him to develop the knowledge and mindset necessary to develop brands, high performing marketing strategies, and much more. 

Meet Brandon Kinsner:

Brandon did not grow up in an entrepreneurial environment, nor did he have any influences in his life that owned businesses. It wasn't until his 20th birthday did he realize that you didn't need to have a fancy college degree to be someone who is successful.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Real Results from Our Satisfied Clients

"Yes its going to take a lot of work, but this has probably been the most stressful yet rewarding month of my life. I took a chance with Johnathon and after a few months I've already hit $50k in sales"

Chris J.


"I hit my first 2k+/day yesterday. Since working with Johnathon and Brandon I broke $200, $500, and $1,000 - in a month.. All of which are "records" for me. Thank you both so much for your support - I am thinking back to my excitement for the first $200 day and now I'm 10x that!! I only want to say. Trust the process guys! Patience is the key."

Dani J.


"I went from making $350/week to 4x that in one day. Johnathon has taught me so much from facebook ads, to business and mindset. Seeing him work as hard as he does motivates me and makes me want to grow even more."

Eddy P.